Jo-Dan International, Inc. (JDI) is a global provider of computer peripheral equipment, including PC printer cables, audio and video cables, HDMI cables, keyboards and mice, networking and communication data products, USB products, a host of accessory products for cell phones, PCs, tablets, and gaming systems, and its well-established proprietary branded GoldX® products.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

JDI is a one stop shop that provides resources to customers requiring unique solutions including product design, engineering and manufacturing design, custom packing, and logistical support.

Hi-Speed Cables & DataComm

JDI services customers in the data communications and telecommunications industries by offering a wide variety of pre-defined standard products for those industries, such as ethernet and fiber cables, patch panels, face plates, keystone jacks, and other accessories.


JDI sells its well-established proprietary branded GoldX® products through a variety of channels which include direct retail, online retail, as well as domestic and international distributors.

JDI Technologies - GoldX Lineup

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