GoldX® Power Vault emergency backup battery
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Backup battery for portable devices

The PowerVault is a battery that can be used to recharge other portable devices. If the portable device is running low on power, just plug the Power Vault into the portable device and it will rechage the portable device. This comes in 3 sizes small, medium and large. The 2800 mAh (GXPV-2800) is good for cellphone and smart phones, the 4400 mAh is good for items that allow for larger items or multiple charges for smaller items. The 5600 mAh is large enough to power tablet computers and other devices.

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  • Rechargeable battery through USB
  • Recharges any portable device
  • Quick charge circuitry (Apple®)
  • Special designed quick charge cable (Android®, BlackBerry®, Windows®)
  • 4x faster than through USB port
  • 2x faster than through wall charger
  • Holds more than 85% of charge for up to a year of non use
  • Compact and lightweight
Item Number Size
GXPV-1200 1200 mA/H
GXPV-2800 2800 mA/H
GXPV-4400 4400 mA/H
GXPV-5600 5600 mA/H

Compatible Operating Systems:
  • All Operating System

Hardware Requirements:
  • USB Cable
  • One Available USB Port (Hi-speed Preferred) to charge it

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