GoldX® Hi-Def HDMI Video Cable
HDMI 19 pin to HDMI 19 pin

For high definition all-digital video in pure digital form that looks its best, the GoldX® HDMI Cable by JDI with enhanced durability and optimized signal transfer offers an extraordinary high-definition video experience. With contacts for maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance, along with high-density, triple-layer shielding for excellent interference rejection, the right choice for any of your connections is 's HDMI Cable.

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  • Corrosion-Resistant Connectors Designed For Maximum Conductivity and Low Signal Loss
  • For High-Definition Digital Video (720p, 1080i, and 1080p) or standard video formats
  • HDMI Interface That Includes Video, Audio and Control Signals On Video Equipment
  • Improved Signal Transfer With High Grade Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • Triple Shielding Reduces Interference, Noise and Distortion
  • HDMI ATC Certified Testing
  • HDMI v1.3 compatible
Item Number Length
GPEHD-AA-06C 6 Feet
GPEHD-AA-12 6 Feet
GPHD-AA-06PK 6 Feet
GPHD-AAF-01M 1 Meters
GPHD-AA-01M 1 Meters
GPHD-AA-02M 2 Meters
GPHD-AAF-02M 2 Meters
GPHD-AA-03M 3 Meters
GPHD-AA-05M 5 Meters
GPHD-AA-10M 10 Meters
GPHD-AA-15M 15 Meters

Compatible Operating Systems:
  • All Operating System

Hardware Requirements:
  • No hardware requirements

Informational Links:
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Connector and Example Connections

Type Device Type Device

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

Audio/Video Amplifier

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

High Definition Television

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

DVD Player

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

DVD Writer

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

Cable TV Decoder Box

HDMI (19 Pin) Male

Satellite Dish and Decoder
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